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Metal Vases for Your Event or Space

When many people think about pottery, they consider fiberglass, clay, or durastone pottery. Clients sometimes overlook metal urns until, of course, they are a display piece at an event. 

When metal pottery is an accent piece, it is both unforgettable and immediately eye-catching. It is for this reason that clients should consider metal vases and urns when planning an event. Metal accent pieces make for an excellent conversation starter, perfectly accentuating any table setup or dinner display. 

Strikingly different from typical ceramic or terracotta pottery, metal vases make the perfect centerpiece or accent for any table. Here are some of the benefits of accentuating a room with a metal vase:

  • Metal vases are durable and made to last
  • They can hold small, medium, and large plants
  • Metal is both eye-catching and sturdy
  • Our vases come in a variety of finishes
  • Act as a beautiful centerpiece for a room


Whether a client needs a beautiful display for a bouquet or display piece for a banquet or ceremony, our metal vases are the perfect centerpiece for any event. Our elegant metal vases come in three exclusive styles that are sure to accentuate any indoor or outdoor space beautifully.

Our Metal Vases

Here at Pottery King Inc, we offer several vases to fit any venue’s needs. These elegant metal vases can be the perfect centerpiece for any space, event, or venue.

  • Laurant
  • Regent Vase
  • Sparta Urn and Pedestal


While any vase can accentuate an indoor or outdoor space, a client’s selection may depend on our metal vases’ aesthetic qualities. We know that making this decision process can be difficult, so we’ve outlined some of our various metal vases’ perks.


Our beautiful Laurant will be an excellent centerpiece for any banquet or party. Its eye-catching gold finish adds an elegant touch to any meeting or event. 

Here are a few features that come together to make our Laurant unforgettable:

  • Made of a beautiful gold finish
  • Perfect for small or medium-sized plants
  • Excellent centerpiece for a luncheon, banquet, or party
  • Ornate and durable for long-term usage

Regent Vase

We also offer a Regent Vase for clients looking for something a bit heavier and taller than our Laurant. Our Regent Vase comes with a metallic silver finish, which is both reflective and beautiful.

Here are some features any client will love about our gorgeous Regent Vase:

  • Made of a luxurious silver finish
  • A thick, sturdy base makes this vase durable and strong
  • It is an excellent addition to any table, display, or venue
  • The vase’s tall construction makes it easy to see from afar
  • Perfect for housing small or medium-sized plants

Sparta Urn & Pedestal

If a client is looking for something both ornate and appealing, we recommend our Sparta Urn & Pedestal. This tall urn comes with a sturdy pedestal, offering maximum display potential.

We’ve outlined just a few of the features that make this elegant urn so great:

  • Finished with beautiful bronze
  • Tall enough to be seen from any vantage point
  • Comes with a durable pedestal as a base
  • Can be placed in entranceways, plazas, terraces, and more
  • Large enough to house medium or large-sized flowers and plants

Which Vase is Best?

Since every venue and space is different, it can be hard to find the room’s right accent piece. At Pottery King, we understand that our clients are looking for expertly designed pottery for their indoor and outdoor displays. 

To better help our customers find the products they need, we offer quotes on all of our pottery. Our website has detailed photographs of all of our pottery options, making the decision process a little easier.

Pottery King Can Help

Since 1997, Pottery King has been helping clients and organizers across New York City get the pottery they need for their events. Our business has grown from a small outdoor storage lot in Coram, Long Island, to a fully-stocked 60,000 square foot warehouse over the years. 

We proudly supply planters and pottery to construction companies, nurseries, garden centers, landscapers, and more. 

Over the years, we’ve developed expert-level knowledge of what clients need to accentuate their indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have any questions about your event or venue, we would love to help. 

You can contact us on the phone at 631-451-1254, via email, or on our contact page if you have any questions about our pricing, delivery options, or products. We would be happy to help you find the perfect accent piece for your event or venue.

Our fully-stocked warehouse is ready to meet your event’s needs. We deliver to all five boroughs of New York, offering same or next-day delivery in most cases. 

Large quantities or last-minute orders are no problem for our team. We will get you the supplies your location needs on time and at a reasonable price.

Looking for Pottery for Your Home or Business?

We also run a website for customers looking for pottery and planters for their homes or businesses. Made specifically for smaller orders, Planter Resource offers a way for clients to get select pieces of pottery without ordering in bulk. 

We also offer Metal Vases on our Planter Resource site, which is perfect if you considered ordering a few for work or home.

If you’re interested in Planter Resources, we are available via our phone number at 212-206-7687, email, or the contact form on our webpage. 

Whether you’re ordering pottery for an event or your office space, we look forward to helping you with your space’s needs.