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Round Planters

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Round Planters

Our indoor and outdoor fiberglass round planters are the perfect compliment to any space, and is the perfect compliment to anyone’s decor, or style. Their versatility makes them tough enough to stand up to any weather outdoors, and delicate enough to house your gorgeous greenery and interior decoration indoors. Our planters are available in a variety of sleek designs and colors, with a cooling rounded finish. Browse our selection of shapes including fiberglass cylinders, egg pots, and u shaped pots. These pots come in matte, black, or white and are the perfect addition to your modern look for your indoor or outdoor decor. Browse our selection below, and note, our fiberglass planters are available for wholesale!

Why Choose Fiberglass Planters?  

Fiberglass provides the unique characteristics of being a light, yet durable solution that is versatile enough to work in any space. In addition to their strength and durability, fiberglass planters are fade resistant, chemical resistant, weather resistant, and resistant to corrosion. Inside or outside, trust that a fiberglass planter from Pottery King will be a versatile new addition to your plantscape collection. Count on your fiberglass outdoor planters to not crack, fade, or splinter when exposed to harsh New York weather. From the inside, your fiberglass planters will not let you down, no matter what you put in them. Fiberglass planters hold up when housing large and difficult to manage plants that may require unique care or chemicals. This resistance to wear and tear makes indoor and outdoor fiberglass planters an ideal solution for long term use. With their wide range of colors and shapes, we can help you find the perfect potted solution for your personal taste and style. 

In addition to their versatility, a fiberglass planter from Pottery King is also quite easy to manage. Our fiberglass options are as low maintenance as a succulent, with the beauty and elegance of an orchid garden. A unique benefit of fiberglass is it’s lightweight composition paired with its strength. Our planters are easy to transport and easy to clean, so shifting your planters around until you find your perfect feng shui will be a breeze. With their lightweight design, you can also trust that your fiberglass planter will be gentle on surfaces, and safe for your outdoor rooftop or balcony garden. We strongly advise you to pay close attention to the weight limits and weight restrictions prior to setting up your outdoor garden or terrace, and choosing your planter accordingly.