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Cedar Planters

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If you are looking for a natural outdoor look, look no further than our selection of cedar wood planters. These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable. Surprisingly, our cedar material options are highly resilient, and quite capable of withstanding the elements. Cedar is a naturally durable wood. The tree itself is resistant to rotting and is not susceptible to insects, making it an excellent material to build planters with. Cedar is also capable of absorbing moisture from the soil inside, so it is an ideal choice for a healthy, natural looking garden. This material provides great versatility and will combine and complement other components in your garden like seating and trellises easily.

Cedar is considered an eco-friendly choice. Cedar wood is a fast growing resource, and produces little waste when it is harvested. Once it is harvested, the entire tree can be used including its roots and its bark.

Choose from our square shaped or rectangle shaped cedar wood planters. Depending on your design and florals in mind, you will need more area to plant. Cedar is a great material to raise plants in for longevity and protection from the sun. Upon your request, we also offer custom sizes. Browse our selection of cedar wooden planters above.

Why choose Cedar Planters?

Still not sold on Cedar Planters? Well have you considered that they are a renewable resource planter? As the world chooses to go more green every day it has made many of us try to see how we ourselves can be more green focused. What better way to embrace this then through a renewable pot like cedar? Not only is it incredibly re-usable, but it’s extremely durable. So you don’t have to worry about that planter falling apart anytime soon.

If you’re shopping at Pottery King then you are likely looking to make a bulk purchase with us. Maybe you’re a restaurant, business, or a hotel and you’re looking for something that will not only perfectly sit outside, but will also look great next to other furniture and not be too intruding. 

Our cedar planters are subtle. They have a nice wooden look so they’re not an eyesore, but they don’t take away too much attention from anything else. If they do their job right you will only notice them when you are looking for them.

Some more benefits of our cedar planters include:

  • • Being available in bulk
  • • Durable
  • • Can be indoor or outdoor
  • • Custom Sizes
  • • Standard sizes can be up to 48”

Get the cedar planter so you can have that natural outdoor look anywhere you want it. The wood style is perfect in any setting and that makes it a favorite for many. It’s just hard to go wrong with that natural style.

Have any questions about our cedar planter? Such as custom options, sizes, or maybe what plants fit the style of a cedar planter? Then go ahead and ask us. We will let you know all about why it’s one of the best planters you can possibly have. 

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Why choose Pottery King?

So what it is it about Pottery King that makes us special? Well not only do we offer the largest inventory of high-end pottery in the tri-state area, but we make it in bulk specifically for the industries that need it the most such as:

  • • Landscapers
  • • Developers
  • • Gardeners
  • • Estates
  • • Production Companies 
  • • Restaurants

We started in 1997 and we’re still going strong. We deliver weekly from the Hamptons to Manhattan and our goal is to give you somewhere you can shop at in bulk. When you need a large amount of pottery quickly you come to Pottery King.

If you need something custom ordered then feel free to let us know and we can work with you to make sure your custom order is suited to your liking. We are always seeking to keep our customers satisfied.

With all this in mind, you can expect the highest quality Cedar Planters available when you purchase from Pottery King. You don’t stay in business for over 20 years in New York without some dedication and hard work and we have plenty of that. 

Contact Us

Are you ready to make a bulk purchase of cedar planters from Pottery King? If so then why not give us a call at 631-451-1254 or send us an email at Want to handle everything online? Use our online contact form or just shop for our products online! We have a large variety of options available to you. 

Have questions? Then please contact us and we will do our best to answer them. We do have a physical location in New York City and can make same day deliveries for many New York City locals.

Check out Planter Resource

Do you want a Cedar Planter but don’t want to order it in bulk? Looking for something a little more singular? Why not check out our other location in the Manhattan Flower Market. We offer cedar planters there meant for individual purchasing rather than bulk.

If you’re looking to just start your own home garden then Planter Resource is the shop for you. It features all the same options we have here at Pottery King, but is meant to be more for the singular customer experience. Come stop in and check out the store! You will leave with some personal pottery just for you.

These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable.
Custom sizes available upon request.