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Glazed Pottery

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Glazed Pottery

Are you or your client looking for a lovely home for your potted plant? Maybe you want something different that makes a statement and expresses your individual style. Consider Pottery King’s glazed pottery choices. We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of glazed pottery for beautiful and versatile pottery they will never forget. These pots are great for the outdoors because these top quality glazes are frost, rain and weather resistant. Our pots also make a great addition to container gardening. Our glazed pottery is imported in a variety of trendy colors and finishes from vibrant aqua to kiwi green. Our glazed pottery is high fired making them frost resistant which improves their durability and appearance. They are perfect for holding various types of plants and due to the versatility of their color you can pair them with many other different plants as well as locations yet they will still be the perfect accent or main piece. 

Why Choose Glazed Pottery?

Glazed pottery is visually and functionally appeasing. Glazed pottery is also weatherproof, and durable for a functionable yet fashionable choice of pottery. Pottery King offers a wide array of glazed pottery for that perfect accent to an indoor or outdoor garden. 


Whether it’s the dead heat of the summer knocking on your door, or it’s the winter and the snowfall seems like it will never end… our pots are built to endure. Glazed pottery provides a durable and waterproof placeholder for your plants, while showcasing them off. 

Benefits of Glazed Planters


There are many benefits when it comes to choosing a glazed planter. Whether it’s for your home, an event, or another venue… Pottery King provides a stunning showcase of indoor and outdoor glazed pottery planters for your plants that all viewers can admire. Glazed pottery is perfect for plants that require a lot of moisture because they are not as porous. Some of the benefits of choosing glazed pottery include:


  • Durable- glazed outdoor flower pots are a resistant and reliable form of pottery, sure to keep your plants safe and healthy
  • Weather Resistant- our glazed pottery selection is sure to fare any storm. Gone are the days of sad plants and broken pots. Rest assure you are in good hands with us
  • A Wide Variety of Colors- We have a wide range of colors to match any theme, event, or home a glazed pot may be going to. Some of these colors include aqua, black, blue, kiwi green, honey gold and more!
  • Holds Various Types of Plants- With glazed pottery you are able to display a wide variety of plants. This durable pot is safe for everything from ferns to tropical plants. 


More and more people are utilizing glazed pots because of their durability and aesthetic selling point. As seasons change, customers are able to adjust their pottery choice to fit their unique patio style. 

Pottery King’s Glazes

We have a wide range of glazed pottery available. From our classic Chinese pot, to our Garland Urn there are endless amounts of choices available for your clients personal needs. Our variety of glazed pottery provides various aesthetic choices for any venue, event or client necessities. 

Are You Ready?

Imagine one of these Outdoor Glazed planters on your terrace. They would look lovely holding your beautiful plants. Plus, because we have a vast collection of colors available, they definitely can match with any furnishings. Your plant will be guaranteed to rest easy in one of our planters and look great, too. They can reside next to your outside cushions or perhaps fill up a corner of your terrace.


Maybe you have a client that is struggling to find that perfect pottery fit for their upcoming event. Consider our Outdoor Glazed planter selections for their plant’s new home. Glazed pots are amazing in outdoor conditions and can withstand many different forms of weather and because of that, they are a fantastic investment that lasts.


Want to see our inventory of glazed pottery? We are excited to offer you top quality products that deliver excellence. Browse our selection for individual and wholesale options!

Learn More About Us

Pottery King was started in 1997 in a small outdoor storage lot in Coram, Long Island, and was used predominately to supply our own store, Planter Resource, still located in the NYC Flower Market. After seeing a growing demand for our products of planter supplies, in 2002 we expanded into a 60,000 square foot facility where we began to supply local Landscapers, Garden Centers, Construction Companies, Nurseries, Growers, and Gardeners.

With our 60,000 sq ft fully stocked warehouse minutes away, we pride ourselves in same or next day delivery throughout the five boroughs.

We deliver weekly from the Hamptons to Manhattan. Last-minute deadlines and large quantities are no problem. Our warehouse is fully stocked with planter supplies and we offer same or next day delivery.

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