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Flower Garden Decor For Sale

Are you shopping for some garden pottery decor for the spring? Pottery King has gorgeous flower garden decor and some colors that will brighten your porch or backyard area like never before! Having flowers around your home year-round is expected; however, it just makes everything feel so much happier in the spring! Here at Pottery King, we take pride in helping you bring home the perfect pots and helping you put together a vision that is just right for your space. 

Flower Garden Decor Favorites 

Glazed Pottery 

Our glazed Pottery is so famous it is hard to keep around! With glazed Pottery, you can make a statement and show off your style. These pots are great for outdoor use because of their top-quality glazes, frost, rain, and weather resistant. Our pots are offered in many unique and trendy colors allowing for a personal touch to your garden decor. These pots are perfect for holding various types of plants due to their durability and difference in colors. You can put just about anything in them! 

Kiwi Green 

This kiwi green pot is made to brighten up any space. Once you add some plants, it will be perfect for an outdoor space. The pop of color and glazed tone gives any decor a chance. The kiwi green is available in sizes 12″ x 12″, 16″ x14″, and 20″ x17″. Having the option to pick a size also makes it nice, so you know it will fit into your space with the flower garden decor you have already planned for your space. One of the prettiest pots that will brighten up any space ! Just the pot alone is colorful and then when you low in your plants, everyone will be asking where it came from and where to find it! Show off your pottery and own your style. 

Our pots are made from porcelain clay, which means they are shaped before being fired in our kiln. Once they cool, they become sandstone hard and glazed with one of our color choices. Porcelain clay is highly resistant to chemical reactions making it ideal for indoor and outdoor decor. The unique blend ensures that your Pottery will not rust or fade over time even with direct sunlight, making them perfect for outdoor flower garden decor! 

Benefits of A Glazed Pot 

  • Glazed porcelain is long-lasting and resistant to changing conditions 
  • A wide variety of colors styles, and sizes 
  • It can hold various types of plants 
  • Durable to keep your plants safe and healthy outdoors 
  • Pottery can be used for special events: it’s all about the colors you choose 

The benefits of having glazed pots in your flower garden decor are endless. You can pick many different styles and know they will hold up for a long time to come. Pottery King can help you decide on the right fit for your space. We are here to help grow greenery and make your space more lively! 

Garden Pottery 

Sprucing up your flower garden decor is a must this spring! Our garden pottery has a lot to offer, and garden Pottery is perfect because of its versatility. Having these pots outside will hold up through any weather conditions, and you will notice over time they still look good as new! Another big plus is that our garden pottery is easy to maintain. With a lightweight design, you can move your planters around as much as you would like until you find the perfect place for them. It takes time to get it just right, and you may need more than one to complete the look you are after. 

Bullet Pot 

Our bullet pot is one of our taller garden pots that is often used for many different kinds of plants. It is offered in desert white, dark grey or graphite, light grey or granite for color choices. And our available sizes are 11″ x17″, 14″ x22″ and 17″ x27″. These sizes are unique and make any flower garden decor look different and fun. You can get just one or all three to make your outdoor space look full of greenery! 


Finding the Right Size Pot 

When shopping for flower garden decor, you want to remember that size matters. You always want a bigger pot than how big your plant is because the plant needs room to grow. It is a good idea to know the type of plants you want and then buy Pottery to place them into. Pottery King is always here to answer questions and help with decor ideas! 

You want to ensure your Pottery fits with the rest of your design, but you also want it to stand out. Looking at your space and finding the perfect spot for a garden pot or two is the first step to flower garden decor! Trust in your design and get the Pottery that stands out and looks best with the flowers you want to grow around your home. 

Shop with Pottery King Today! 

If we have spiked your interest, please give us a call at 212-206-7687 or stop by to start your spring garden today. We have all the pottery needs you could imagine, and your plants deserve a lovely home too! If you have any questions about garden pottery or the glazed look, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to help. 

Our relationships with our customers are important to us, and we were hoping you could let us know how we can help make your pottery experience better. Everyone deserves beautiful greenery around their home, and having the perfect pots to put them in makes the design look finished. 


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