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Pottery King NYC

Wholesale Ceramic Pottery in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

Our collection of ceramic pottery pieces at Pottery King are a superior choice amongst all others. We chose non-organic clay material for our pottery collection because of its strength and natural appeal. No matter what shape, size, or color a client needs, we can often supply it. From ceramics to glassware and everything in between, we have all pottery needs covered. Currently, in our warehouse, we offer stylish earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain ceramics. The beauty of ceramics comes in all shapes and sizes, and we invite everyone to come to explore it.

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    How To Choose The Ceramic Pottery in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}?

    Our Pottery King warehouse holds various glazed and unglazed ceramic styles, ranging from cylinders to squares, tapered shapes, and orchid pottery. One of the largest ceramic vessels that we offer is the porcelain fish pot. This pot comes in black and white and is smooth to the touch. If you’re in the market for a smaller pottery piece, we also offer cylinder and taper round shapes, which come in various glazed colors. The glaze provides substantial protection that’s perfect for the root of any plants placed inside. We also offer glazed square pots in our online store that can come with or without holes for an inspired orchid planter.

    What Are the 3 Types of Ceramic Pottery in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}?

    There are 3 distinct types of ceramic pottery.

    • Earthenware
    • Stoneware
    • Porcelain

    Let’s explore the differences of each.


    Made of clay and heated at a low temperature, earthenware is a very porous type of pottery that allows air and water to flow through the vessel. The absorbent material makes earthenware an excellent choice for plants since they need ample air to thrive. Because this type of ceramic is composed of clay, earthenware is brittle and means that individuals should treat it with a high level of care. This type of pottery is often glazed to make the vessel more sturdy so that water doesn’t soak into it. This pottery can also be glazed, putting a hard coating on it that adds beauty and protection to the surface.


    Just like all other pottery, stoneware is made out of clay. Stoneware, however, is fired at a higher temperature than earthenware, which produces a more substantial ceramic vessel and, as the name suggests, has a stone-like finish. Unlike unglazed earthenware, stoneware is entirely waterproof and does not require glazing. After firing, the glaze can be added onto the pottery but often is done solely for decoration. For an earthenware look with added durability, stoneware is the perfect option for any project.


    The clay for our porcelain pottery is refined and mixed with different minerals before being baked at a high temperature. Due to the extreme heat, porcelain pottery becomes a hard ceramic with a white, glossy coating. This type of pottery is less porous and doesn’t absorb as much water as earthenware and stoneware. Some refer to porcelain as “fine china” as it was one of the earliest forms of porcelain produced

    Terracotta Pottery

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    Planters Fiberglass

    This selection of modern and durable planters are made of 100% fiberglass. They are extremely lightweight and meet all weight restrictions for NYC rooftop gardens. Planter Resource works directly with factories overseas and designs exclusive sizes and shapes. Due to our large inventory and customization, we are able to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.

    Garden Pottery

    If you’re looking for a lovely addition to the outside of your home for your potted plant, consider our many choices. Our pots are great for the outdoors because these first quality glazes are frost resistant. They are great additions to container gardening. Our glazed pottery is imported in a variety of trendy colors and finishes.


    If you’re interested in terracotta pottery, we’ve got plenty of options.Terracotta is a very popular form of pottery; it is a brownish-red material that is clay based. It’s great for both outdoor and indoor plants. From basic terracotta pots to unique ones, we’ve got your plant needs covered. To decide the best option for your plant, take a look at the surroundings. Question what will look best for the plant and how the plant and its roots will spread. From there, you can decide what to choose. Consider our multitude of terracotta options and find what’s best for you and your plant.


    Whether your planning a small corporate party, a luxurious wedding or anything in between, let us be your one-stop-shop for all your party planning needs. Last-minute event? No problem, we offer same day local delivery.


    Natural pottery is a great home space for your potted plants. This pottery is sure to make anyone feel a part of nature. The styles seen below are the ones you may find out in nature. All of our Naturals come in various dimensions, so if you like a particular style, be sure to check out the different possibilities there are.