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Pottery King NYC

Tall Planters in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

Purchase the best planters on the wholesale market that are made for any outdoor space! Pottery King offers our selection of tall pots in tapered square shapes, as well as tapered round shapes, straight-sided tall squares, and tall U-Shapes. These indoor or outdoor fiberglass planters can be used as accent pieces to add a touch of nature to the interior of your space, or can become the centerpiece of your landscape project wherever it may be!

The Style Of Pottery King’s Tall Planters in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

Our tall planters are available in black, white, or grey to suit anyone’s garden or personal style. Whether your project’s aesthetic is minimalist or extravagant, you will be able to find a planter just for your clients’ needs. Their sleek design and color scheme are ideal to suit anyone’s modern taste or could be dressed up to fit any personal decor.

They also have a variety of different functions and uses. Use our tall pots for support on your tallest plants, anywhere in your clients’ home or business. Use them as eye-catching pieces for your project’s decor.

Want to see our inventory of beautiful Tall Planters in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} for yourself? Browse our selection below for individual and wholesale options!

Why Choose Fiberglass Planters?

Fiberglass planters are unique in that they are light and durable for a versatile solution no matter what your needs are. Our fiberglass planters are fade-resistant, chemical resistant, weather-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Fiberglass planters are an excellent choice to suit your indoor or outdoor needs due to their versatility and strength, and longevity. In an outdoor setting, your fiberglass planters will not crack, fade or splinter in the harsh wind, rain, and snow of New York. You can also count on your fiberglass planter for resilience in holding and supporting large plants, especially with our selection of tall shapes. Fiberglass composition is ideal for housing even the most difficult plants that require the most care, as the potter itself will be extremely low maintenance. Fiberglass is resistant to chemicals and can withstand the specific soils, plants, or decorations within them. This resistance to wear and tear makes indoor and outdoor fiberglass planters an ideal solution for long term use. With their wide range of colors and shapes, we can help you find the perfect potted solution for your personal taste and style.

In addition to their versatility, a fiberglass planter from Pottery King is also quite easy to manage. Our tall fiberglass options are as low maintenance, yet still elegant and beautiful. Fiberglass is known for its lightweight composition and its strength. Our planters are easy to transport and easy to clean, so let your creativity soar! Shifting your planters around to fit your design is a snap. With their lightweight design, you can also trust that your fiberglass planter will be gentle on surfaces, and safe for your outdoor rooftop or balcony garden. We strongly advise you to pay close attention to the weight limits and weight restrictions prior to setting up your outdoor garden or terrace and choosing your planter accordingly.

Finally, our fiberglass planters are also great ways to promote privacy and social distancing. In times like these where being able to distance at a particular level is fairly difficult, our planters can act like markers between your clients and their friends or family. They also add privacy between businesses and consumers by establishing a personal barrier for both parties.

Our tall fiberglass planters come with a variety of different benefits that are tailored to each project’s needs. They look great for any project, so do not hesitate to give the team at Pottery King a call to learn more about how these planters can be incorporated into your next project.

Learn More About Us

Pottery King was started in 1997 in a small outdoor storage lot in Coram, Long Island and was used predominately to supply our own store, Planter Resource, still located in the NYC Flower Market. After seeing a growing demand for our products of planter supplies, in 2002 we expanded into a 60,000 square foot facility where we began to supply local Landscapers, Garden Centers, Construction Companies, Nurseries, Growers, and Gardeners.

We deliver weekly from the Hamptons to Manhattan. Last-minute deadlines and large quantities are no problem. Our warehouse is fully stocked of planter supplies and we offer same or next day delivery.

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Are you ready to take your upcoming project to the next level with our tall planters? Call the experts here at Pottery King at 631-451-1254 for more information on how we can help you and your business succeed in your next project.

Terracotta Pottery

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Planters Fiberglass

This selection of modern and durable planters are made of 100% fiberglass. They are extremely lightweight and meet all weight restrictions for NYC rooftop gardens. Planter Resource works directly with factories overseas and designs exclusive sizes and shapes. Due to our large inventory and customization, we are able to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.

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If you’re looking for a lovely addition to the outside of your home for your potted plant, consider our many choices. Our pots are great for the outdoors because these first quality glazes are frost resistant. They are great additions to container gardening. Our glazed pottery is imported in a variety of trendy colors and finishes.


If you’re interested in terracotta pottery, we’ve got plenty of options.Terracotta is a very popular form of pottery; it is a brownish-red material that is clay based. It’s great for both outdoor and indoor plants. From basic terracotta pots to unique ones, we’ve got your plant needs covered. To decide the best option for your plant, take a look at the surroundings. Question what will look best for the plant and how the plant and its roots will spread. From there, you can decide what to choose. Consider our multitude of terracotta options and find what’s best for you and your plant.


Whether your planning a small corporate party, a luxurious wedding or anything in between, let us be your one-stop-shop for all your party planning needs. Last-minute event? No problem, we offer same day local delivery.


Natural pottery is a great home space for your potted plants. This pottery is sure to make anyone feel a part of nature. The styles seen below are the ones you may find out in nature. All of our Naturals come in various dimensions, so if you like a particular style, be sure to check out the different possibilities there are.

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