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Outdoor Fiberglass Planters For Rooftop Gardening This Fall

Have you ever purchased inexpensive, low-quality outdoor fiberglass planters only to see them break when the weather gets colder? This is always the case as the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for.’ 

At Pottery King, we have the best quality fiberglass planters and others. The planters we sell are great for both indoors and out. With so many different styles, sizes, and colors, you can create the look you want, making your space elegant and impressive to your friends. 

One of the ongoing trends for the Fall season is rooftop gardening since outdoor space is so limited in NYC. With proper care and the suitable types of plants, your garden will bloom this year, 631-451-1254.

Trends in Rooftop Gardening 

You can utilize outdoor fiberglass planters on your rooftop as they create an ambiance unlike any other. A rooftop can be a getaway from city life, a place where you can go to relax, but if it’s just a roof, then there is absolutely no aesthetic appeal. 

Benefits of using planters for rooftop gardening:

  • Insulates buildings 
  • Captures water 
  • Extends the life of a roof 

There are many qualities to incorporating fiberglass planters into your space. Pottery King has a large selection of styles geared to spruce your roof!

Insulating Buildings 

Apartment buildings and older converted warehouses tend to be drafty during the Fall and Winter seasons in NYC. Adding outdoor fiberglass planters to your roof will help insulate the building better, retaining the warmth and lowering energy bills for happier dwellers. 

By lowering your energy bills, you can save money to put towards your rent or a night out in the Big Apple. So, increase your energy security and leave less carbon footprint behind. You’ll create long-lasting indoor comfort with rooftop planters. 

Preventing Leaks 

When it rains, it pours, they say. Water atop roofs will gather onto the sides and eventually leak indoors for poorly sealed roof systems. 

Indoor fiberglass planters can prevent leaks by capturing rainwater and allowing less to gather onto the roof. Beautify your rooftop and prevent indoor leaks with planters that take the look of your unique outdoor space up a few notches. 

Extending the Life of the Roof Through Outdoor Fiberglass Planters 

There are certain fabrics that rooftops are constructed of. Part of why they are sealed tightly is to prevent anything from getting underneath. 

Once water or ice seeps into the undergrowth of a roof, it becomes an expensive nightmare to deal with for landlords and building owners. 

Outdoor fiberglass planters have the ability to stop water from getting in. It can extend the life of a roof by 200%. Rooftops take a lot of beating from foot traffic to weather. Planters can change that and make the space longer-lasting for future generations. 

Types of Gardening for the Roof 

With limited access to outdoor space, NYC dwellings offer spatial spaces where one can do their gardening rooftops. 

There are four main types of rooftop gardening:

  • Container 
  • Intensive 
  • Semi-Intensive 
  • Extensive 

Each type of garden has its unique advantage. More landlords are looking towards green roofing with outdoor fiberglass planters as this helps insulate and save them money. 

Container Gardens Using Outdoor Fiberglass Planters 

Container rooftop gardens are also known as pot gardening. This method uses several outdoor fiberglass plantersThe downside of this method is that you will not receive a tax credit since the credit calls for 50% since it is technically not considered a ‘green roof.’ The upside of this method is fewer pests. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space without mosquitoes and other nuisances. 

Intensive Green Rooftops Incorporating Outdoor Fiberglass Planters 

Intensive green roofs are perfect for a variety of plants. Although this can be a costly style, they can enhance the aesthetic of newer buildings, bringing in more tenants. 

Plants for intensive green roofs:

  • Allium 
  • Yarrow 
  • Succulents 

Pottery King can help you create a rooftop that you’ll love and rid your mind of forbidden gardening ideas using outdoor fiberglass planters

Semi-Intensive Green Roofing Outdoor Fiberglass Planters 

Like intensive green roofs, semi-intensive green roofing is less expensive and offers the same qualities. The difference between intensive and semi-intensive is that they allow for better plant diversity, meaning you can plant just about any type except for trees. 

Using outdoor fiberglass planters for containers, your garden will grow blissfully, and your planters will hold up in all weather conditions. 

Extensive Green Roofs 

Extensive green roofs can make a roof about 40% cooler, making the hot New York summers bearable. Use outdoor fiberglass planters for better shade when you need a planter that can withstand the heat and make that roof enjoyable. 

Extensive green roofs cover more area than the rest. What that means to you is an outdoor area that offers the same benefits as a backyard covered with trees and plants. 

Why Rooftop Gardening Has Become Popular 

If you’re a renter in New York City, chances are you’ve heard about rooftop gardening. From high-rise office towers to low-slung brownstones, many are white space as gardens for an ever-increasing variety of:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Flowering plants
  • Herbs

But why is rooftop gardening becoming such a popular trend among New Yorkers? With planters and other supplies, your rooftop will become a quiet oasis where you can entertain your friends. 

Pottery King sells wholesale garden supplies and outdoor fiberglass planters to make your roof stand out better and offer a space where you can go to retreat in the bustling city. 

How to Start a Rooftop Garden for Beginners 

If you are new to rooftop gardening, the process is relatively simple, as all you’ll need to begin with are outdoor fiberglass planters and soil. 

Rooftop gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Not only do they provide an oasis of greenery in urban settings, but they can also help reduce energy consumption and combat the adverse effects of pollution. 

Choose the right plants for your climate and incorporate proper irrigation with drainage, as this will help to provide you with a peaceful retreat right at home.

Styles of Outdoor Fiberglass Planters 

When searching for outdoor fiberglass planters that are unique and able to withstand all sorts of high-velocity, make sure to include the following in your outdoor garden:

  • Round 
  • Straight-sided cubes
  • Straight-sided rectangles 

Any of these types will deliver a modern look to a roof. Don’t be the only NYC tenant not to have a stylish roof! Allow Pottery King to come to your rescue when starting a rooftop garden. 

What a Successful Rooftop Garden Looks Like 

A rooftop garden can become a unique and innovative way to add greenery to your living space. To ensure your rooftop garden thrives, following a few tips for successful planting is essential. 


  • Consider the weight limit of your rooftop 
  • Choose plants that are particularly suited for rooftop gardens
  • Make sure your garden receives the right amount of sunlight and drainage 
  • Do regular maintenance and checkups to keep your garden flourishing 

A garden on your rooftop can create a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, all while showcasing your green thumb and showcasing outdoor fiberglass planters.

The Outdoor Fiberglass Planter Enthusiasts 

With some research and careful planning, rooftop gardening can be advantageous. Whether you’re looking for a small project that yields a significant impact or an ambitious edible garden oasis, rooftop gardening offers many opportunities for urbanites to enjoy, primarily when outdoor fiberglass planters are used. 

So take some time today to bring green back onto your rooftop and experience a piece of paradise that only Pottery King can offer, 631-451-1254.. 

We offer more than just fiberglass products; with terracotta and other wholesale planters and pots, your rooftop will be the hit of any season. Don’t wait another minute!

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