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  • Metals

    Metal Vases

    If you’re tired of the standard pottery, consider trying out our metal vases. These are great options for fancy events, although you could have them in your home if you wish. Metal vases are excellent choices for your plants, although make sure they still have their dirt and water necessities.
    We have two urn options available, the Aluminum Montigo Urn and the Gold Urn. These urns are excellent and unique possibilities for your plant decorating. It’s best to keep plants that grow upwards in these urns, that way they grow happy and healthy.
    Other metal vases we have are the Milan Vase and the Dorado Bowl. These are also stunning pieces for your plant to reside in. A bowl is a great option for your centerpiece or on your side table. The vase is another great consideration, especially for plants that are growing straight upwards. Our features come in a variety of dimensions, check them out as you consider the options and call us if you have any questions. One of the amazing things about metal vases that typically can go without saying is that they are very durable and able to withstand direct impacts. Metal is one of the most physically durable materials that vases are usually made of.

    Learn More About Us

    Pottery King was started in 1997 in a small outdoor storage lot in Coram, Long Island, and was used predominately to supply our own store, Planter Resource, still located in the NYC Flower Market. After seeing a growing demand for our products of planter supplies, in 2002 we expanded into a 60,000 square foot facility where we began to supply local Landscapers, Garden Centers, Construction Companies, Nurseries, Growers, and Gardeners.
    With our 60,000 sq ft fully stocked warehouse minutes away, we pride ourselves in same or next day delivery throughout the five boroughs.
    We deliver weekly from the Hamptons to Manhattan. Last-minute deadlines and large quantities are no problem. Our warehouse is fully stocked with planter supplies and we offer same or next day delivery.

    Contact Us

    Are you ready to elevate your metal planters to the next level? Call Planter Resource at 212-206-7687 or stop by our store at 150 West 28th Street for more information!
    If you have any questions regarding our wholesale garden supplies or other products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.
    At Planter Resource, we specialize in finding the perfect planter for your or your business’s needs. Browse through our selection of metal planter shapes and designs and find the perfect planter for you.


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  • Glassware

    Displaying your plants in beautiful glassware is an excellent way to grow them and enjoy their beauty. Plants of all sizes can be put in glass as long as you follow a few simple rules. The glass us use can be anywhere from a small shot glass to a large terrarium.

    Glassware for Plants comes in all shapes and sizes. These include glass drinking glasses, hanging capsules, bowls, geometric terrariums, globes of various sizes, glass and wood jars, glass and metal lanterns, hanging glass birdhouses, decanters, votives, and so much more. You really just need to see what is in stock to find the perfect container for your plants.

    If you do not have much room in your living space, or if you simply want to add some beauty to a room, a glass terrarium can enable you to keep a garden in a confined space. The plants will stay in the container and will let you have an indoor garden.

    Advantages of Using Glassware Containers

    With the right kind of glass you may find there are several advantages when growing your plants. For one, you will be the one who will choose what kind of background materials will go into the glass, as well as the type of plant, or plants that you put in the glassware.

    Other advantages include the possibility of growing plants that might not survive in other types of environments, such as one with dry air. If light is an issue, add a small light next to it. This will enable you to place it anywhere in your home or office.

    If the container is covered, you will not need to add water as often as an open container. This is because the water in the container simply circulates, although you will most likely need to add some each month.

    Benefits of having Plants in your Home or Office

    When you have indoor plants, they are also known to be able to help to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. They may also help to increase energy levels and will help clean the air.

    Planter Resource is a large supplier of plant accessories in the New York City area. We carry large selections of glassware to meet your need for glass containers in your home or office. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the plant containers you need.


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  • Branches

    Bring Nature To Your Home

    Harvested in the forests of California, these magnificent pieces are one of a kind. With their multi-functional use, they should be incorporated at your next event. Hand-sanded to perfection, let these unique branches bring out the creative nature within.

    Tree branches are a very popular interior decoration trend because there are many beautiful ways to make your interior more interesting by using them. You can choose among the three different looks that we offer by selecting a more natural look for our Grapewood branch or by choosing between the sanded branches. With our tree branches, you can start your own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects and incorporate these with candle holders, jewelry holders, key holders, chandeliers, coat racks, and so on.

    Our Branches Selection

    We have a large selection of decorative branches ranging in size up to eighteen inches. Whether you need just a few tree branches for a vase, any events, or just using them as decorative items, we have branches that are available for you to choose from. These are a great value and the perfect form of display to bring nature into anything you might need them for. We carefully inspect, trim, and repackage the items so they are in perfect condition ready for you.

    Incorporate tree branches into your home furniture designs and create a more natural feel that is just as modern as it traditional, simply a timeless form of interior design. Which one to choose? First of all, these can be key holders or chandeliers, you may cover the branch with string LED lights or even make a beautiful lamp using it. You can also use them as decorative items for your dining tables or side table. It’s also a perfect option for a beach home. Branches are great holders and hangers and you may use them throughout the house in bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, kitchens, and other spaces if you really want to get more creative with branch interior furniture design.

    Give Your Business An Earthy Vibe

    Here in New York City, we see so much concrete and steel, but sometimes we miss a little bit of nature. One of the ways you can add a little bit of the outside world to your business is through the branches we offer here at Potter King. Available in bulk, if you’re looking to give your business a more earthy vibe, then we have everything you could want and more.

    The branches we offer are all carved to perfection with every detail considered and painstakingly given attention to. They are perfect background pieces to give off a feeling of nature and energy. 

    Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or just a stand-alone business looking for decorations, these branches are perfect for giving off that feeling that not everything has to be gray concrete.

    Why Choose Pottery King?

    Pottery King is the number one supplier of Pottery from the Hamptons to Manhattan. We offer the highest quality high-end pottery that will make the outdoor or indoor areas you design pop with charm. 

    We offer a wide variety of pottery: fiberglass, terracotta, indoor, outdoor, and more. All of it is high end, and it looks incredible in any home or business. Planning an event such as a corporate party, a wedding, or just having a party? Need something to help decorate the evening? We do same day local delivery in New York City.

    Our dedicated team of pottery experts wants you to always have the option of incredible pottery, and Pottery King is available to you. If you have any questions about how you can start using your green thumb, then go ahead and contact us.

    Contact Us

    Are you ready to make a bulk purchase of Branches from Pottery King? If so, then why not give us a call at 631-451-1254 or send us an email at Want to handle everything online? Use our online contact form or just shop for our products online! We have a large variety of options available to you. 

    Have questions? Then please contact us, and we will do our best to answer them. We have a physical location in New York City. We can make same-day deliveries for many New York City locals.

    Check out Planter Resource

    Do you want high quality branches but don’t want to order them in bulk? Looking for something a little more singular? Why not check out our other location, Planter Resource, in the Manhattan Flower Market. We offer branches there meant for individual purchases rather than bulk.

    If you’re looking to just start your own home garden, then Planter Resource is the shop for you. It features all the same options we have here at Pottery King, but it is meant to be more for the singular customer experience. Come stop in and check out the store! You will leave with some personal pottery just for you.


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Whether you are planning a small corporate party, a luxurious wedding or anything in between, let us be your one-stop-shop for all your party planning needs. Last-minute event? No problem, our pottery supplier offer same day local delivery. Contact us to learn more and even receive a quote.