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Natural Branches in New York City

Branches have numerous advantages in interior design. They are easy to maneuver, lightweight, and fit in with various environments. Use these branches to add a hint of nature indoors or craft an earthy wedding or venue. Spark the creativity that is inside a space with these lively branches. The unique patterns ensure that no two designs are alike but can still flow together for a clean and polished look.

Take a dull and dreary office or restaurant up a few notches with our natural branches. The feel of the great outdoors is never far away when one incorporates these natural or sanded branches into the vibe of a restaurant, office, venue, or any place of business. Bring the benefits of nature indoors with help from the friendly experts at Pottery King. The great outdoors never looked better inside the heart of a bustling city.

Nature For the Indoors

There’s no need to leave nature outside in an indoor office space or venue. Our earthy selection of natural branches is harvested from California’s forests. Our branch accessories pair perfectly with any of our planters and pottery. These magnificent, one-of-a-kind branches are multi-functional and can stand alone as a statement piece or accentuate any foliage or flower combination. These hand-sanded natural branches bring out nature’s creativity for a truly unique appearance in the office or any venue or event.

As a popular interior design decoration trend, earthy branches beautifully accent rooms and spaces in exciting ways. Add pops of earth tones throughout a venue or building space. These pops of earthy tones from any combination of our branches will craft a natural atmosphere inside. The natural tree pattern and color variations of our Grapewoods and Manzanita branches craft a natural aesthetic for even the most modern of environments.

Natural Branches We Carry

With our large selection of branches, everyone is sure to find the look they are searching for in their venue, event, or office area. We offer three styles of branches:

  • Grapewood 18″ Natural
  • Grapewood 18″ Sanded
  • Manzanita
    • Available in 2′, 3′ and 4′ height variations


No need to worry about value, as we carefully inspect, trim, and repackage every branch for quality assurance. Our high-quality branch selection is sure to amaze guests and visitors. Now all that’s left is for the creativity to start flowing. Leave the branches as-is for a genuinely earthy vibe or paint them to match any aesthetic. Use these branches for accents or as a centerpiece that is sure to complete the look of the office area or event. Or use these branches to create chandeliers, jewelry holders, or key holders. The possibilities are endless with these truly unique

Nature For Any Space

With a fair amount of concrete and steel in New York City, a little touch of nature goes a long way. Bring the warmth of our earthy natural branches into the grays and blacks of modern city spaces to liven up a restaurant, salon, wedding venue, or office space. These branches are available to purchase in bulk, so providing multiple office or event locations a streamlined look has never been more effortless.

We carve these branches with meticulous attention to detail, so these pieces can effortlessly transform the background or forefront of any area into a great conversational starter. Garnish the business or venue space with the energy of nature to set any indoor or outdoor area apart from the competition.

Contact Pottery King Inc.

At Pottery King, we specialize in finding the perfect planter accessory for any event or business need. Try browsing through our selection of branches to find the best planter accessory for any indoor or outdoor area. We invite all to explore our extensive warehouse of high-quality planters and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any pottery and accessory question. No matter the need, our team has a product solution.

Our dedicated pottery experts want businesses to have incredible pottery and planter accessories available at their fingertips, which is why we’re available in all facets. For online ordering, please use our contact form. Contact us at (631) 451-1254 with any questions about Pottery King or to request a quote on a favorite pottery piece.

We offer same-day local delivery for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and surrounding areas in New York for locals. Our delivery rates are dependent upon the size of the order and the location within the state. We can also ship using UPS and carrier truck freight. Shipping rates vary depending on package size, order size, and location.

About Our Business

Pottery King began in 1997 as a small outdoor storage lot in Long Island. The company quickly evolved into today’s 60,000 square foot facility to keep up with our high demand. Here at Pottery King, we supply local landscapers, garden centers, construction companies, nurseries, growers, and gardeners with all of their pottery needs, both big and small. There is no order too large or small for us, thanks to our utmost accommodating facility.

Planter Resource In New York City

We understand that not everyone is looking for bulk pottery and planter accessories. Our team has the solution for those interested in adding appeal to any space with a smaller quantity of pottery and planter accessories.

Our partner company, Planter Resource, sells planters, but for the singular customer experience. This business is planted right in the heart of the Manhattan Flower Market. At that location, we offer a unique selection of all of our inventory.