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Fiberglass urns are durable yet beautiful when accentuating any large indoor or outdoor venue or business office. Although many use urns as cremation ash holders, they have many uses in interior and outdoor design.

Urns elevate any aesthetic to one of classic elegance. Make a memorable entryway statement into a wedding or any venue with our gorgeous Fiberglass Urns on a terrace, front gate, or walkway. Our urns will look beautiful in a large outdoor garden venue or a restaurant.

Our Fiberglass Urns are made from 100% fiberglass and reinforced with high-quality resin. Even though these urns are durable, they are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to relocate and store between events or seasons.

Additionally, a person can enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of our three different styles of urns throughout the year. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, or snowy, our Fiberglass urns are built to withstand the elements.

Our Fiberglass Urns

We currently carry these styles, colors, and sizes of Fiberglass Urns:

F2A Urn

  • Available colors: Black, grey, and white
  • Available size: 20” x 24”

F3A Urn

  • Available colors: Black, grey, and white
  • Available size:  15” x 18”

F3B Urn

  • Available colors: Black, grey, and white
  • Available size:  24” x 30” 

Use our various colors and sizes of Fiberglass Urns to refresh a wedding, event, venue, or large business space. Consider our urns, as they are perfect for any business or earthy garden venue.

Our Urns make an excellent addition for any indoor or outdoor venue or extensive event as their use is versatile. Place plants or foliage within the urn to craft a unique event aesthetic or create the appearance of tiers with the various sizes of urns we offer.

Pottery King fiberglass urns are incredibly sturdy and versatile, available in a range of colors and designs. They can be used as plant urns, as décor for an area at home or the office, as water features outdoors, as planters for flowers indoors within a place of business or at home.

When selecting fiberglass urns to decorate your garden with dynamic color and texture, look no further than Pottery King. Available in vibrant red and green hues to create a pop of color in any outdoor environment, they also come in more subdued tones like white and natural wood grain to fit any style preference. With fiberglass, you can create that perfect centerpiece we all strive for with minimal upkeep.

With its lightweight fiberglass material, you can feel confident that our fiberglass urns will weather well. Our fiberglass urns are both outdoor safe and mold resistant, so you’ll never see rust or cracks when they make their appearance out of doors at your next event. You can use them in all types of climate; the fiberglass urn is resilient to heat, cold, wind, rain, or snow. No matter what season it is, your fiberglass urn remains durable for any situation. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, year-round or seasonal, one thing that will remain constant is our fiberglass urn. The fiberglass urn is lightweight and outdoor safe so that you can feel secure in the resilience and versatility of this product. Fiberglass is molded into a unique shape to exceed your expectations with its fluid contours and versatile use. 

Fiberglass urns can be used for several events such as weddings, parties, concerts, or festivals. These fiberglass urns come in many different sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. There is no need to worry about placing it on delicate surfaces with our fiberglass urn because this product rises above all others.

Fiberglass urns are resistant to harsh weather conditions, insects, and salt air. Fiberglass strands combined with a resin or plastic base, creating an extremely durable material that will not crack or fade over time. These fiberglass urns can be used for indoor applications as well because fiberglass does not absorb moisture. Additionally, fiberglass urns will never mold or mildew and are termite-proof, making them the right choice for outdoor and indoor applications. Pottery King offers fiberglass urns in a variety of color choices so that you can find the perfect fiberglass urn for your decorations. 

Our fiberglass urns are lightweight materials that are used to manufacture many other products. Our fiberglass furniture provides years of beauty and enjoyment for all of your guests. As beautiful as they are durable, these fiberglass pieces will withstand outdoor conditions while staying beautiful year after year!

Benefits of Fiberglass

What are the benefits of using fiberglass urns aside from using other materials? Fiberglass urns are very durable and weigh a lot less than other planter materials. This lightweight but highly durable is a fantastic option on scaffold structures or raised platforms if weight is a concern.

The resin and fiberglass materials used in fiberglass urns are resistant to damage from sun exposure. They can withstand most other extreme weather conditions like snow, frost, and even salt exposure. Our urns will withstand harsh UV rays and will not rust with rain or snow.

Fiberglass urns can be repaired and refinished, in contrast to materials like terracotta, concrete, and plastics. Fiberglass is easy to clean and maintain when switching out plants and foliage. With proper care and maintenance, fiberglass urns will last for years outdoors or indoors.

Our comprehensive selection of modern and durable planters is made of 100% fiberglass. They are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to move when one wants to refresh the look or reinvent the aesthetic at an event venue. Pottery King works directly with factories to design exclusive sizes and shapes for our customers. Due to our extensive inventory and customization, we can accommodate all of our customer’s needs. These stunning pieces of urns are an artistic, grand-scale architectural element. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any inventory questions!

They come in various sizes, with select artful designs that flaunt the choice of artificial stone completion. Imagine a pair of our fiberglass urns flanking a doorway or a grand staircase at a venue. Our urns are crafted from genuine fiberglass and reinforced with top-notch designer touches, as high-quality artisans create each piece separately.

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