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Wholesale Durastone Pottery in NYC

Durastone is an excellent choice for any event, venue, or office space. These pottery pieces come in various shapes and sizes and neutral colors to accentuate any space. Incorporate them throughout an outdoor event or venue or into a business office.

These pots also work well indoors. Place one of our Durastone pots in each office or room for a streamlined aesthetic, or mix and match the different Durastone styles for a put-together eclectic interior design.

We currently offer five styles of Durastone pottery. 

Why Choose Durastone?

Durastone pottery is a low-cost solution that can be used for all of your outdoor decorating needs. Homeowners and commercial businesses should purchase Durastone pottery because it offers many benefits not found with other types of outdoor decor. Durastone adapts to seasonal changes and resists dents or breaks from falling objects, such as birds or fruit.

Is Durastone Easy to Clean?

In addition, the pieces are cleaned easily with a simple soap and water mixture. This allows homeowners to create beautiful patio displays without concern about how often they must redecorate. Durastone’s lightweight nature makes it very easy to transport a large arrangement from place to place.

Why Is Durastone So Popular?

Durastone pottery is becoming more popular with homeowners and business owners because of its sturdiness. Durastone offers superior resistance to the outdoor elements, so you won’t need to worry about cracks or breaks come spring! The durability of Durastone pottery makes it ideal for any outside décor, no matter how frequently the seasons change. Durastone pottery stands well in all weather conditions, like rain, snow, and ice.

Is Durastone Good For Outdoors?

For outdoor spaces, the selected decor should withstand the weather of every season. Additionally, outdoor pottery should be easy to move and store. There are many benefits to Durastone pottery. As the name states, these pottery pieces are durable, lightweight, and crafted from high-quality materials.

Our Durastone pots are made from Polyethylene Resin, not plastic. Low-density polyethylene starts as a powder and becomes a liquid before it is baked into products like our Durastone pots. Its unique structure makes it resistant to graffiti and weather deterioration.

The lightweight composition of high-quality Polyethylene Resin allows individuals to quickly change the look of an event, business office, or venue. Moreover, Polyethylene Resin provides the Durastone pots with flexibility and strength. The strong resin material prevents chipping and cracking, and it resists fading.

Is Durastone Good For Plants?

Durastone pottery is also great for plants. These pots act as a filtering system for plants to catch chemicals before they reach the roots. Additionally, Durastone offers protection from water loss. The Polyethelyne Resin holds moisture in the soil, making these pots perfect for moisture-loving plants and foliage.

The strength of the Polyethylene Resin means Durastone pots do not break easily. In contrast to clay pots, which can shatter when dropped, Durastone pots are made to withstand everyday wear and tear from weather and being moved around. Moreover, Durastone pottery is easier to clean and disinfect than other types of pottery.

What Are The Benefits of Durastone?

Durastone pottery offers many benefits. It is a specialized form of clay that offers the benefits of clay with added durability.

Durastone contains granules of various materials, including crushed granite, to increase its strength and durability above standard ceramic pottery. It is not much heavier than ceramic pottery; it weighs only slightly more than ceramic (about twice as heavy when dry). When appropriately treated, Durastone can be used for oven-to-tableware.

Benefits: Durability – Ability to withstand temperature changes without shattering or cracking after repeated use in hot ovens and freezing temperatures; Ease-of-use – No preparations necessary before putting in oven (unlike cast iron). Nonreactive – Does not react with acidic foods.

Fun Facts About Durastone

Some exciting factors to consider when making dura stone pottery are that it can be used in all four types of ceramics, including manufacturing dishes, wall tiles, floor tiles, and roof tiles. It is created by adding some mineral or material to make it stronger; frequently, this will include quartz sands, pieces of rocks, and glass.

Durastone was first created in approximately 1905 but became popular nearly thirty years later due to difficulties with production techniques. The process itself involves mixing fine stone powders with water into a slurry. This mixture must then be completely dried out before being molded so that there is no chance of the piece staying wet during the firing process—if this happens, it could result in an inferior-quality product or even ruin.

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