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Indulge in Natural Rattan Plant Baskets

Each of our baskets is made of durable, natural rattan, making them the perfect choice for your indoor planting additions. The plant baskets are practical and bring a sense of calming energy when paired with a blooming plant. Not all of nature has to be kept outdoors. Especially in New York, getting these plant baskets into an office can make the environment feel more welcoming and open. Not to mention the immense health benefits that bringing in oxygen-producing plants can include.

The largest selection of rattan planter baskets is large enough to accommodate up to a 20″ Nursery Pot! Browse each of our unique styles to see what natural rattan basket speaks most to the energy you want to bring into your space.

Not everyone has the time, patience, or availability to become master gardeners, but anyone can master container gardening with our exclusive baskets. All you’ll need is a container (and we’ve got you covered with tons of rattan baskets for you to pick from), potting soil, plants, and you’re ready to go. We guarantee that no matter where you’re putting our collection of Rattan baskets, they’ll inspire you to start your plant collection.

Our Planter Basket Selections

Our rattan basket options come in different weaves and shapes. We offer a rattan basket that is cylindrical and available in multiple size options, from 8×8 to 18×18, to best fit your designated space. This basket is perfect for adding indoor plants such as a fiddle leaf fig, a monstera, or a majestic palm. We also offer rectangular rattan baskets in regular and tall sizes. This rectangle basket has three different holes that you can fill with various large or small plants. Finally, we offer our wonderfully whimsical taper square rattan basket, which comes in two sizes, 15” x 15” x 20” and 20” x 20” x 27”. There are endless ideas and ways to integrate these natural rattan baskets into your office or indoor spaces.

Bring Nature to the Indoors

Let living, breathing nature inspire you. As humans, we have an innate desire to connect with nature, and in a place like New York with its concrete jungle, it can be hard to get that connection. Allow us to help with that. You can get in touch with your natural side with the additions of our rattan baskets. Including this pottery can help benefit your client’s business or company by improving productivity, de-stressing the environment, and reducing sickness. It’s a win all around! Allow our inventory here at Pottery King to plant a seed of nature into your design by ordering from our basket collection.

Contact Pottery King Inc.

Start adding unique pottery pieces to your client’s space! Contact us at (631) 451-1254 or send us an email at so that we can get started with taking care of your pottery needs. Our warehouse has many options to choose from, which means that you can get exactly the items you’re looking to buy. We do same-day local delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and more in New York for those that are local. Our delivery rates are dependant on the size of your order and your location in the state. We can also ship using UPS and carrier truck freight. Shipping rates are also dependant on package size, order size, and location.

Our dedicated team of pottery experts wants you to have the option of incredible pottery, and that’s why we’re available to you in all facets. If you’re interested in online ordering, please use our contact form. You can also request a quote on your favorite pottery pieces by shopping for our products online.

About Our Business

Pottery King began in 1997 as a small outdoor storage lot in Long Island. The company quickly evolved into today’s 60,000 square foot facility to keep up with our high demand. Here at Pottery King, we supply local landscapers, garden centers, construction companies, nurseries, growers, and gardeners with all of their pottery needs, both big and small. There is no order too large or too small for us, thanks to our utmost accommodating facility. 

Are you looking for something specific? You can count on us to always have what you’re looking for in stock. Amongst our baskets, we offer a wide variety of pottery, including fiberglass, terracotta, wood, and much more.

If you’re trying to make an impression on your clients or customers, look no further than our high-quality inventory. Let’s bring your vision to life.

Check Out Planter Resource

We understand that not everyone is looking for bulk pottery. If you’re interested in buying our baskets or other pots for individual use, we have the solution for you. Pottery King is directly related to our other company, Planter Resource. This business is planted right in the heart of the Manhattan Flower Market. At that location, we offer a unique selection of all of our inventory.

If you’re looking to create a woven appeal in your space with a few of our beautiful basket accents, then we suggest checking out Planter Resource. It features all the same options that we have here at Pottery King, but it great for the singular customer experience. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we invite you to check it out! We can assure you that you’ll leave with handcrafted personal pottery just for you!