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Create an All-Natural Look

As the number one supplier of pottery in areas that range from the Hamptons to Manhattan, we offer the highest quality high-end pottery that beautifully accents any outdoor/ indoor space.

Many people say that by incorporating nature into your home or business space, the surrounding environment can cause an overall sense of relaxation. Your business can now achieve this effortlessly with our natural pottery selection from our company here at Pottery King Inc. 

Not only can including plants increase productivity and creativity, but they can also create a healthier environment. Why not add the plants into an aesthetically attractive planter, too? All of our naturals come in various styles and dimensions that allow for an array of different ways to create your perfect space.

Natural Selections 

Our two birchwood pottery options, the Birch Cylinder and Birch pot, are crafted from a light shade of wood that anyone can seamlessly add into indoor or outdoor spaces. We also have a simplistic Woodland Rectangle and Woodland square option that can add a subtle element of nature to your particular area. Our Lodge Vase is perhaps one of the most earthly pottery pieces in this collection. The Lodge Vase feels like a slice of the earth, as it appears to be a carved out stump of wood. Natural doesn’t always have to mean wood; we also have two handmade terracotta pots, known as handmade earth, in our plain round and plain square options.

As you can tell, all of our styles are unique planters that will bring many different style spaces together. If you don’t want your pottery to be the star of the show, but rather a supporting actor, our natural pottery is the perfect solution for you. All of our Naturals are excellent products and are waiting for you to take a look at them.

Integrate Nature Into Your Business

Let nature inspire you. Living in New York City, we often see thousands of buildings around us with no true nature around to complement them. With our naturals pottery collection, you can now create your nature escape. We offer our naturals in bulk selection for use in your business or unique space.

We believe that by choosing to add wood and terracotta pottery accents into your business, it will thrive like a seed planted in the ground that sprouts into a tree. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or any stand-alone company, the naturals will pop against the concrete jungle.

Contact Pottery King Inc.

Are you sold on including natural pottery in your home or business? By contacting us at (631) 451-1254 or sending an email to, we can take care of all of your pottery needs. We have many options to choose from to ensure that you get exactly the items you’re looking to buy. We do same-day local delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and more in New York for those that are local. Our delivery rates are dependant on the size of your order and your location in the state. We can also ship using UPS and carrier truck freight. Shipping rates are also dependant on package size, order size, and location.

Our dedicated team of pottery experts wants you to have the option of incredible pottery, and that’s why we’re available to you in all facets. If you’re interested in online ordering, please use our contact form. You can also request a quote on your favorite pottery pieces by shopping our products online.

About Our Business

Pottery King started in 1997 as a small outdoor storage lot in Long Island but quickly evolved into today’s 60,000 square foot facility that can keep up with our high demand. We supply local landscapers, garden centers, construction companies, nurseries, growers, and gardeners with all of their pottery needs, both big and small. There is no order too large or too small for us, thanks to our accommodating facility. 

You can count on us to always have what you are looking for in stock. We offer a wide variety of pottery, including fiberglass, terracotta, wood, and much more.

If you need to make an impression on your clients and customers or are looking to set up a garden or display that will catch consumer’s eyes, then look no further than our team here at Pottery King to help your vision come to life.

Check Out Planter Resource

Are you interested in our naturals collection of pottery for individual use rather than in bulk? We have the solution for you. Our other location, Planter Resource, is planted right in the heart of the Manhattan Flower Market. At that location, we offer a unique selection and purchases of our naturals pottery. 

If you’re looking to create an all-natural space with a few beautiful pottery accents, then Planter Resource is the shop for you. It features all the same options that we have here at Pottery King, but it great for the singular customer experience. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we implore you to stop in and check it out! You will leave with handcrafted personal pottery just for you.