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If you’re interested in terracotta pottery, we’ve got plenty of options.Terracotta is a very popular form of pottery; it is a brownish-red material that is clay based. It’s great for both outdoor and indoor plants. From basic terracotta pots to unique ones, we’ve got your plant needs covered. To decide the best option for your plant, take a look at the surroundings. Question what will look best for the plant and how the plant and its roots will spread. From there, you can decide what to choose. Consider our multitude of terracotta options and find what’s best for you and your plant.

We’ve got standard pots, if you’re looking for a standard one. However, we’ve also got unique terracotta pots such as the Garden Bowl. The bowl is a great option if your plant needs more room to spread its roots. If your plant wants additional room to spread out its roots, you may consider a Tall Pot. These are longer than the Standard Pot, so there is more room for the plant to grow out. We also sell Window Box planters, which are another unique and great option for your plants. These planters not only allow more room for your plants to spread out, but these planters allow you to plant more. With a standard pot, you typically can fit only one plant inside. But with a Window Box, you have more freedom to add in additional plants.

Along with our Terracotta Pottery, we have a few saucers available for sale. The ones we have are Rectangle, Clay, and Glazed. These don’t have room for plants to grow out, yet they are excellent for displaying plants. Like our potted plants, these saucers can be tailored to a variety of sizes.

  • White Garden

    Made with fine craftsmanship typical of Italian production, these new sleek White Washed terracotta planters are taking the industry by storm. Choose from a wide range to enhance your container gardening needs.

    White Garden

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  • Moka Garden

    Continuing the trend for terracotta pots, this Moka colored variety will thrive in any setting.

    Moka Garden

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  • Basic Red Clay

    A simple and clean material, one which respects the needs of plants. Because of the porous nature of clay, this has been the grower’s choice since the beginning of time.

    Basic Red Clay

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  • Handmade Decorative Clay

    Timeless classics that never go out of style. Choose from one of our many shapes that have stood the test of time.

    Handmade Decorative Clay

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  • Handmade Bourbon Clay

    This beautiful bourbon color adds an Old World look to any garden setting.

    Handmade Bourbon Clay

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