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Beehive Urn

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Item # T85718″ x 24″ – Widest Point – 22″


The beehive Urn is a very unique piece of pottery that we offer. It gives off more of a natural vibe to add to your space. The handmade decorative clay makes for neutral tones. This makes it easier to add any type of greenery into your space to give a pop of color. These pots are a classic stable and fit well indoors and outdoors. 

Our handmade decorative clay pots are affordable. They have good insulation and aeration for any plants you decide to place inside of them. Most importantly, taking care of your plants has a lot to do with the type of pottery you put them into them.  It is not always about what the pot looks like, but what it is made of. The beehive urn is pretty average in size, about 18’”x24” at the widest point – 22”. This pot will fit nicely into any space you are trying to fill, and its terracotta color is a beautiful touch to any design. When shopping for pottery there is a number of things to consider, and the beehive urn is one of the best we have.