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Bell Pot

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Item # T43822″ x 15″
Item # T43815″ x 12″
Item # T43810″ x 7″


Our terracotta bell pot is one of the most interesting pots we have. Pottery King takes pride in having many options and this is one of the pots that make customers step outside their comfort zone and add a touch of Zen to their space. The handmade decorative cray that this pot is made of gives it even more character. The bell pot has original shape, and it is safe to say it is like no other. 

The outstanding bell pot is offered in a few sizes, 22”x15”, 15”x12”, 10”x7”. Having the bell pot offered in different sizes is an amazing thing, because you can have more than one! A terracotta pot that is clay material looks so cool, inside and outside. If you get more than one, put them all together and add some greenery, you will have the most relaxing space around. You want to add things to your space for people to talk about, and this is one of those pieces!