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Classic Chinese Pot – Blue

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Available In Sizes:

12″ x 12″ (holds 10″ grow pot)
16″ x 14″ (holds 14″ grow pot)
20″ x 17″ (holds 17″ grow pot)
24″ x 20″ (holds 21″ grow pot)


This classic Chinese Pot fits perfectly into any space. Whether you want to add a glazed pot outside or inside, glazed pottery is the way to go. It is available in many trendy colors, like this beautiful blue! Having a classic pot adds character to your decor. And makes any style shine because you can add any greenery you would like, and it will stand out! 

Our Classic Chinese Pot in Blue is available in a few measurements for you to choose from, 12″ x 12″, 16″ x14″, 20″ x17″, and 24″ x20″. It is important to have options because then you will find just the right fit for your space. Knowing if a pot will fit into the spot, you want it to can be hard. So, you can always try another size with options. The trendy blue Chinese Pot gives you options, and you should use them to style your patio garden!