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Classic Chinese Pot – White

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Available In Sizes:

12″ x 12″ (holds 10″ grow pot)
16″ x 14″ (holds 14″ grow pot)
20″ x 17″ (holds 17″ grow pot)
24″ x 20″ (holds 21″ grow pot)


The Classic Chinese Pot in white is the garden pottery you have been looking for! The versatility with this Pot is ideal. Because the Pot is a neutral color, you can add any flowers or greenery because it will match wonderfully with the white Pot! You will blow your mind with the creations you come up with using glazed pottery. Let your creative side shine with pottery you can have for a lifetime! 

Our Classic Chinese Pot in white will withstand fading, rust, and stains because glazed pottery is known for its outdoor durability. We offer our classic Chinese Pot in white in a few different sizes, 12″ x 12″, 16″ x14″, 20″ x17″, and 24″ x20″ for your convenience. Sizing options can help you determine which will best fit your space. Having a white pot fit into your design is like a dream. Everything will match and fall into place once you add the perfect touch of flowers!