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Linea Bowl

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26″ x 23″


A fun different pottery option is our linea bowl. This garden pottery is durastone with a beautiful blueish gray tone. The neutral tones it gives off are perfect for just a touch of plants and flowers for some finishing touches. You will shock yourself with what you can do with this garden pottery. 

Our linea bowl is on the bigger size, 26”x23” in measurements to some of our other pots; however, this is the pot for you if you have the space! It will match well with any style and allow you to add a pop of color. 

Durastone holds up well in all types of weather conditions, such as heat, snow, rain, and everything else. It is a valuable piece of pottery that your space has been waiting for. Garden pottery has never been so fun, add this piece to your home, and you will want to keep buying more!