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Moroccan Urn

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Item # T82615″ x 30″ Widest Point – 20″


The Moroccan Urn is one of our bigger terracotta pots that you need to have the space for. It has very unique designs and looks beautiful in any setting. Homemade decorative clay pots are versatile and easy to move from indoor to outdoor for any design you have in mind. Once you add greenery to the Moroccan urn it gives it a whole different look. Whether you keep it in your home or outside, the planter always stands out. Pottery can be difficult to find just the right one, and this color and combination meets in the middle with any design. 

Pottery with the terracotta color always mixes well with other decor and makes it easier to combine design ideas. The Moroccan urn stands out from other pots because of its size 15”x30” widest point – 20” and the designs it shows. When shopping for pottery, the Moroccan Urn should be at the top of your list for sure!