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Olive Jar

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Item # T55911″ x 20″ Widest Point – 18″
Item # T55913″ x 28″ Widest Point – 21″


Our unique Olive Jar will go perfectly with any design you have in mind. Its terracotta color and decorative clay to the touch will draw attention no matter where it sits. This Pot is suitable for any plant you would like to grow inside. If you want a more natural look, this is the Pot for you. It adds a splash of color in just the right ways. Allowing for you to move it around and find just the right spot for it until you are happy with where you want it to stay. 

The Olive Jar is available in a few different sizes, 11″ x20″ – the widest point at 18″ or 13″ x28″ – the widest point at 21″. Our decorative clay pots make the perfect addition to any room indoors or outdoors. Some of their main benefits are that they have good aeration insulation and are affordable.