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Rope Rim

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Available In Sizes:

Item # T10622″ x 16″
Item # T10618″ x 14
Item # T10614″ x 10″
Item # T10610″ x 7″


The Rope Rim pot will catch anyone’s eye right away! It is the definition of unique because of its three-layer design. It leaves a lot of room for creativity. And allows for different kinds of greenery to be added at your pleasure. The lovely terracotta color can bring out a natural look for any indoor or outdoor design you are trying to achieve while adding a touch of something different to your everyday style. 

Our Rope Rim pottery is available in a few sizes, 22″ x16″, 18″ x14″, 14″ x10″, and 10″ x7″. Having different size options is always a plus because you can add more than one of the same Pot in a different spot to make your design even more unique in a different kind of way. You can never have too many plants with beautiful pottery hanging around your home.