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Cedar Square

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Available In Sizes:

26” x 26” x 24”
24” x 24” x 18”
21” x 21” x 18”


Garden Pottery is fun and multi-purposeful! You are allowed to do with it as you please. Our cedar square makes planting fun because it is different from most planters and unique to look at. We make these cedar planters in different sizes 26”x26”x 24”, 24”x24x18”, 21”x21”x18 to ensure you can find just the right one for your space! Cedar looks good anywhere, and when you add a planter inside, it makes the whole design come alive. 

Cedar planters are perfect for weather conditions and keeping your plants alive longer. You can even bring these indoors and bring them outside in. You can do so much with design to make it your own, and you have to add a little pottery! All of our cedar square boxes are carefully handmade, and we take pride in knowing our customers are getting the best products we have to offer.