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Straight Sided Rectangles

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Minimalist Straight Sided Rectangular Planters 

Offer Your Clients Rectangle Planters to Fit Almost any Style

For those in the service industry, it can sometimes be a challenge to capture a client’s vision when they themselves don’t always know what they want. When this is the case, finding a versatile pottery solution can save you on aggravation and your client frustration. Straight sided rectangle planters are one of the most easy to use planters as their design can fit almost any plan. Pottery King’s straight sided rectangular planters feature a modern and minimalist appearance and come in neutral colors with a smooth, flat texture. This allows you to highlight the plants or surrounding landscaping without compromising on function or appearance.

Why Our Straight Sided Rectangular Planters are so Popular

  • Indoor or outdoor useability
  • Minimalist design
  • Modern style
  • Neutral color palette to match most decor
  • Many sizes to fit your needs
  • Same or next-day delivery

Designed for Both Inside and Outside Use

Inside Uses for Straight Sided Planters

Straight sided rectangular planters make great embellishments for the inside of a home or business. Thanks to their straight sides and sharp edges, these planters make it simple to partition areas off in order to create the feeling of separate rooms, while also keeping an open floor plan. For many indoor spaces, you are able to fill the straight sided rectangular planter with decorative stones and place succulents, easy to grow indoor flowers, or even fake plants inside for an easy-to-maintain decoration. Thanks to the straight lines of the planter and the wide variety of sizes available, they can be placed flush against walls, partitions, or islands with ease.

Outside Uses for Straight Sided Planters

These straight sided rectangular planters are very commonly seen around business that share a property line with a sidewalk or road. They take up very little space and the straight lines create distinctions between property lines, making these planters an attractive “fencing” option.  Restaurants around New York City frequently use these straight sided rectangular planters for this purpose by creating outdoor dining areas. They do this  by connecting multiple planters together and shaping it around their available space. Customers can dine in peace in this space while the rest of the world continues on the outside of this dining space. When used in residential settings, they can be a form of natural fencing or sit aside a home as a sturdy flower box. Many people enjoy using their straight sided planters on rooftop gardens or terraces. These planters are excellent options for this location as they take up minimal space and create a relaxing environment with attention being drawn to the plants and flowers you display.

Does the Style Match Your Vision?

Modern Style

Many people use the term “modern” when describing a style for their home or business, but few people actually know what the term means and what defines the modern style. Modern style dates back to a time period from the early to mid-20th century when affordable furniture and home goods was first being created through mass production and machinery. Due to the limitations of technology of that time period, modern style often includes clean lines with minimal decoration. The overall concept of modern style was that function was the most important aspect and decoration followed when needed. The goal was to achieve neutral appearances and color palette so that the style could fit in almost any environment.
At Pottery King, our straight sided rectangular planters follow the modern style as it is defined. With the simple, yet highly functional design, this pottery will fit in well with any home or business that wants to capture the straight, uniform style. The smooth straight edges create visible and obvious borders and barriers so you will be able to section off areas with ease. Additionally, the color palette of blacks, greys, and stone allow your straight sided planters to fit in your home or business regardless of its colors.

Minimalist Style 

Minimalism first began as an art style in early 1960 and was meant to go against the commonplace consumerist style. The goal was to separate itself from the excessive and indulgent style that was popular and have a more subtle approach in order to highlight very specific elements. Minimalist style focused on simplicity and natural material over unnecessary flash and excessive crafting. Minimalism features a basic color palette, so whites, natural colors, and blacks work well here. The idea is to not draw attention to itself but to something else that you would rather showcase.
These straight sided rectangular planters match the minimalist design by being unobtrusive in design and allows you to showcase the plants you put inside of them or frame a specific feature in your home or business. The textured true stone material looks and feels natural so it can blend both indoor and outdoor styles. With our straight sided rectangular planters, less is more.

Helping You Serve Your Clients for Over Two Decades

Pottery King originated in a small outdoor storage lot in Coram, Long Island, but quickly evolved to a 60,000 square foot facility due to demand. We supply local landscapers, garden centers, construction companies, nurseries, growers, and gardeners with all their pottery needs. No order is too large or too small, and thanks to our huge facility, we almost always have what you are looking for in stock. If your client is looking to set up a garden, display, or to create a strong impression, Pottery King has all your needs to help their vision become a reality.

Pottery Sizes to fit You and Your Clients Needs

Our straight sided rectangular planters come in a wide range of sizes in height, width, and length. This allows you to customize your client’s garden, business, or home to suit their needs specifically. Our straight sided rectangular planters are shorter and ideal for indoor use or residential gardens, while our tall straight sided rectangular planters have more height for partitions and are often used outside.

Timely Shipping and Delivery of Your Pottery

For locals of New York, Pottery King offers delivery by messenger throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island City. We also deliver weekly from the Hamptons to Manhattan. For locals, our rates are based on your location in the state and order size. Depending on your location, we can offer same or next day delivery. We also sell out of state via UPS and carrier truck freight. These rates are dependent on package size, order size, and your location.

We Know Our Pottery

Pottery King has been a New York City staple for over two decades and is located in Coram, Long Island. We have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of pottery on the East Coast and frequently work with the businesses you encounter throughout New York City as well as many contractors and service industries.
We also have a second location, called Planter Resource in the heart of the Flower District. This location is conveniently located so that we can support you during your flower purchasing and is home to a display of pottery to browse. We invite you to visit Planter Resource’s website or location if you are looking for a specific size, color, or design.

Want to get Your Straight Sided Rectangular Planter Today?

Give us a call today at 631-451-1254 and place your order. For many New York City locals, we offer same day or next day delivery.