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Basic Red Clay

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Our Basic Red Clay Planters

Our basic red clay pots offer an old-time favorite for pottery that gives a minimalistic approach to design. They offer a clean and simple home to rest their roots. 

The porous nature of basic red clay pottery allows for root stimulation and helps prevent over-watering. This makes it a good choice for beginner gardeners or gardeners that tend to go heavier on watering their plants.

Basic red clay pots are a part of our terracotta pottery collection and are the face of terracotta. They are usually what people think of when imagining terracotta or clay pots. 

Red clay pots give an earthy feel that nature lovers can’t resist. Red clay pots have a reddish-brown color because of the soil used to make them.

The Style Of Pottery King’s Basic Red Clay Pottery

Our basic red clay pottery is a good fit for anyone’s garden or personal style. Whether your project’s aesthetic is minimalist or extravagant, you will be able to find a planter just for your needs.

From spotlight decor to an added touch-up, our red clay pottery is perfect for any pottery fix. 

They also have a variety of different functions and uses. Use our round pots for support on your largest plants or the plates and bowls to offer a place for your excess water to drain out.

Want to see our inventory of beautiful terracotta planters for yourself? Please browse our selection below for individual and wholesale options!

Why Choose Basic Red Clay Planters?

Red clay planters have a delicate balance between being durable enough to last a long time and affordable for everyone.

We offer the best quality while maintaining the lowest possible prices so that you can expand your collection with us at any budget!

What Size Planter is Best Suited for My Plant?

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor garden, we have a perfect planter for your needs. Our pots are available in larger sizes when you want to dress up a porch or patio but also come in smaller options if you don’t need something too big.

Advantages Of Using Basic Red Clay Pots:

  • Provide a healthy environment for your plants – they add essential nutrients to the plants like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and sulfur.
  • It can last a long time – no need to worry about them breaking on you like a plastic planter tends to do
  • They can help regulate the temperature of your plants – Clay naturally slows down the heat transfer between the soil and the environment.
  • Durable and heavy – This is good for larger plants, and it allows them to be more stable
  • Good for plants that don’t need a lot of water – red clay pots are great for Cacti, Succulents, and other plants that prefer a drier soil.
  • They’re inexpensive!

Basic But Never Boring

Whatever your style is, our red clay planters will suit your décor and make your house, apartment, or business stand out.

If you’re looking for something simple that is not too expensive yet functional enough to place both indoors and outdoors (and will last), our Basic Red Clay Planter may be precisely what you need!

These planters are ideal for anything from basic to beautiful. They are well suited for indoor and outdoor planting, so besides being functional, you can save money by purchasing an all-in-one planter–great for indoors and outdoors.

The Basic Red Clay Planter has a modern look that is sure to fit in with any décor. However, it still holds onto its traditional roots (and simplicity) that make it perfect for many different styles of houses, apartments, businesses, or anywhere else you want to put potted plants.

Don’t Break The Bank

Luckily, our basic red clay planters won’t set you back as they’re incredibly affordable. You can even decorate them with paint or decals to really make your planters stand out from the rest!

Because of their iconic shape and color, red clay planters will always command attention in any setting. We understand how important it is to find a style that fits your aesthetic perfectly.

If you care for it properly, our basic red clay planter could last you a lifetime. The more frequently you water your plants, the shorter life span they’ll have, though – Those greedy roots just can’t get enough moisture!

Here are some of our most popular models:

  • Azalea pot
  • Bulb pot
  • Clay
  • Garden Bowl
  • Glazed
  • Orchid Pot
  • Rolled Rim
  • Standard Pots

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