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  • Fiberstone Pottery

    Fiberstone Pottery

    Fiberstone pottery yields a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. They’re visually stunning, they look very stylish and attractive, and they boost the overall feel of every home garden, building, and store.

    Fiberstone is a blend of fiberglass and crushed stone. Fiberstone is a very versatile material. It can have a rough, sandy texture that makes it look like real stone or finished concrete. It can also have a smooth to a slightly textured finish. Such materials produce a durable substance that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use at any temperature. It can be polished, raw, or a weathered, aged appearance.

    A lot of people, while decorating their gardens, unfortunately, neglect the impact that Fiberstone pots and planters can have. This may be due to the reality that people are not aware of the level of detail and aesthetics to which Fiberstone pots and planters can be built. It’s because, in general, the knowledge of garden Fiberstone pots is very small. As far as Fiberstone planters are concerned, the reactions of people vary from being slightly interested to being seriously puzzled. There is therefore an urgent need to spread awareness of this great material for home decoration as well as gardens.

    Apart from the noticeable benefit of boosting the aesthetics of one’s home and garden, large Fiberstone pots and round Fiberstone pots are also sturdy. They are made from stronger fiberglass materials than conventional clay pots. As a result, they last longer can handle more heat and can even cope with a wide variety of temperature conditions. This is especially useful when a person lives in the tropics, where cycles of sunshine are usually interspersed with heavy rains.

    Lightweight Cement Planters

    If you are looking for a durable outdoor solution to your potted plant, consider our lightweight cement planter options. Dressed to look like cement, they are made from a resin polymer material. Resin is a composite blend of polymer similar to plastic, but with the durability of true cement. It is composed of an inner core, followed by a protective layer of thick polyurethane, and a textured outer shell. These components all come from recycled materials, so you can count on these planters as an eco-friendly option for your home or garden.

    Resin planters are durable, resilient, and surprisingly lightweight. Unlike regular planters, resin planters will not swell and contract with the seasons. When temperatures fluctuate, you can count on these planters to retain their shape without cracks or compromises that would cause other planters to break down. You can also count on these planters to not corrode or lose their color in the rain, snow or sun. Their lightweight design and durability allows for easy moving, and the ability to transfer plants with the changing seasons – they are otherwise completely maintenance-free.

    Browse our selection of lightweight cement resin products below. Choose from the small and compact egg planters for your tight spaces, or choose one of our larger rectangle designs or tapered squares to make a statement in the center of your garden.

    Fiberstone Pottery

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  • Cedar Planters

    If you are looking for a natural outdoor look, look no further than our selection of cedar wood planters. These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable. Surprisingly, our cedar material options are highly resilient, and quite capable of withstanding the elements. Cedar is a naturally durable wood. The tree itself is resistant to rotting and is not susceptible to insects, making it an excellent material to build planters with. Cedar is also capable of absorbing moisture from the soil inside, so it is an ideal choice for a healthy, natural looking garden. This material provides great versatility and will combine and complement other components in your garden like seating and trellises easily.

    Cedar is considered an eco-friendly choice. Cedar wood is a fast growing resource, and produces little waste when it is harvested. Once it is harvested, the entire tree can be used including its roots and its bark.

    Choose from our square shaped or rectangle shaped cedar wood planters. Depending on your design and florals in mind, you will need more area to plant. Cedar is a great material to raise plants in for longevity and protection from the sun. Upon your request, we also offer custom sizes. Browse our selection of cedar wooden planters below.

    These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable.
    Custom sizes available upon request.

    Cedar Planters

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  • Glazed Pottery

    If you’re looking for a lovely addition to the outside of your home for your potted plant, consider our many choices. These pots are great for the outdoors because these first quality glazes are frost resistant. They are great additions to container gardening. Our glazed pottery is imported in a variety of trendy colors and finishes. Our glazed pottery is high fired making them frost resistant which improves their durability and appearance.

    Imagine one of these Outdoor Glazed planters on your terrace. They would look lovely holding your beautiful plants. Plus, because we have a vast collection of colors available, they definitely can match with your outside furnishings. Your plant will be guaranteed to rest easy in one of our planters and look great, too. They can reside next to your outside cushions or perhaps fill up a corner of your terrace. Consider our Outdoor Glazed planter selections for your plant’s new home.

    Glazed Pottery

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  • Durastone

    Lightweight and Durable

    Made out of Polyethylene Resin, these planters reproduce perfectly the color, texture, and appearance of traditional garden products, but without the weight. They will not chip, crack or fade when exposed to environmental conditions. The perfect lightweight container that will survive the test of time.


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Planter Store NYC

Wood Planters
You may paint the planter if it is unpainted. Repeat when the paint is starting to fall off. Remember to choose one that is safe for plants. Expect to repeat the procedure every year if your containers are subjected to sun, rain, heat and frost.

Cedar and redwood are known to have a natural resistance to insect and rot damage.

Provide drainage – drill holes in the bottom of the pot if there are none or not enough. Add a layer of gravel to prevent holes from getting clogged with soil.
Add a plastic layer inside the planter to protect wooden walls from moisture. Remember to cut holes at the bottom to allow water drainage.
Place the container on the hard surface to isolate it from the ground and prevent rot.

Choosing The Right Wood Planter
Before you shop for wood planters, consider these points:
Make sure you pick the pots made of durable wood like cedar, oak, redwood or teak.
Will you paint them yourself to suit your design? Perhaps you prefer the convenience of finished planters.

Durastone Planters

Concrete planters are long-lasting and environmentally friendly investments. Concrete is heavy and able to withstand elements such as wind or rain. You won’t have to worry about your plants being ruined or uprooted from getting knocked over. Our formula at Slick Rock creates a mix heavy enough to remain durable without being totally immovable. In addition, because concrete’s color is uniform, your planter won’t be any less visually appealing in the event of it ever getting chipped or damaged.

We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from, but cement is typically lighter in color and better for the roots of your plants since darker colors absorb sunlight and heat. The density of concrete promotes insulation and will keep the soil surrounding your plants warm during cold weather. Thick walls create a barrier to prevent water leakage from planters, which would cause damage to your home, patio, or planter itself.

For heavier plants and trees, concrete planters are ideal because of their weight and volume. Sizeable greenery requires a deep vessel to allow its roots enough room to grow without crowding. A large planter with an attractive design can expand the size of your garden drastically or provide the perfect juxtaposition to fill the empty space in your home. Compared to other materials, concrete creates a more elegant atmosphere perfect in any situation.

Our garden pottery beautifully crafted fiberstone planters, cedar planters, glazed pottery, durastone planters, and more. Be sure to view the following garden pottery below, and contact us to get a quote.