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  • Ceramics

    Our collection of ceramic pottery creates timeless beauty for the interior house plant.


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  • Baskets

    Looking for the perfect pot cover?

    Designed to be as practical as they can possibly be, these baskets are made of durable natural rattan making them the perfect choice for your gardening projects. Large enough to accommodate up to a 20″ Nursery Pot! Browse our other unique styles to see what the hype is all about, you’ll want to collect them all.

    We might not have the time, patience, or availability to become a master gardener, but anyone can master container gardening with our exclusive baskets. All you need is a container (and we’ve got you covered with lots of baskets choices for you to pick from), potting soil, some plants and you’re ready to go. With our Rattan baskets, you’ll be inspired to start your own gardening collection on your porch, or patio in no time.


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  • Naturals

    If you’re looking for natural pottery, check out these options. Natural pottery is a great home space for your potted plants. This pottery is sure to make anyone feel a part of nature. The styles seen below are the ones you may find out in nature. All of our Naturals come in various dimensions, so if you like a particular style, be sure to check out the different possibilities there are.

    We have two birchwood options and both would be great for plant homes. Birchwood is a lighter shade of wood, and is great for any surrounding style. We also have Woodland Rectangle and Woodland Square options which are a basic form of wood. These styles are amazing types of planters for your plant and will bring many rooms together. If you like our wood styles, be sure to check out the Lodge Vase. This would be the perfect vase for your plants and an excellent option for any room you desire. We encourage you to also check out our Homemade Plain Square and Homemade Plain Round options. If you don’t want your wood pot to be the most prominent decor in the room, we recommend these choices. All of our Naturals are excellent products, and are awaiting for you to take a look at them.


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Our indoor planters involve a variety of ceramic planters, baskets, and other natural pottery. Contact our pottery importers to receive a quote and design your home with some of the most unique pottery. 


Indoor Planters at Pottery King

Indoor planters are a great option to bring some life to your indoor space! Apartment living has many benefits, but gardening isn’t typically one of them. Indoor planters can be a great solution for working out your green thumb inside your home.


Factors to Consider for Indoor Planters

Before you begin your indoor planting, there are a few key considerations to take into account.

Proper planning before you start is key to success. You must consider the following:


Light – Plants need light. There’s no way around it. The leaves of your plant are like little solar panels. You wouldn’t hang a solar panel in your closet and expect it to provide energy, right?  Certain plants need more light than others, however. Take into account where you would want to display your plants and then consider the availability of lighting. Natural light is ideal, but you can supplement it with artificial lights if you have to.


Water – If you’re already interested in gardening it should come as no surprise that in addition to light, plants need water. It is essential. Water is the means through which your plants receive their nutrients. Using osmosis, the plant is able to absorb the water in the soil, carrying the nutrients throughout the plant. Without water, the nutrients cannot be absorbed and the plant will dry out and die. That doesn’t mean you can just leave the tap on over your plants. Over-watering your plants can cause just as much harm as under-watering.


Air – Plants do, in fact, breathe. Air flow is important to encourage transpiration. Transpiration what occurs when water is evaporated from the inside of the plant. This process is necessary, but if the plant is over or under-watered, the process can be inhibited. Air helps keep moisture from building up on the leaves of a plant. If water lingers on a plant for too long, it can cause the plant to rot.


Humidity – Outdoor humidity isn’t easily influenced, but it is indoors. In general, the inside of your home is going to have lower humidity than outdoors. Cooling and heating systems in your home remove the humidity from the air. With the exception of extreme climates, the air inside your home is drier than the air outside. This can be good or bad depending on the type of plants you are growing. If it is too moist, the leaves won’t dry and the soil can get waterlogged or even moldy. If the air is too dry, the water will evaporate from the soil before the plant gets a chance to absorb it. 


Soil – With indoor planters, you must be careful of your soil choice. You want to have a soil that has proper nutrients but is also loose enough for the roots to grow, the water to be absorbed, and air to pass through the plant. You must also consider the risks of pets that could grow in your soil, from bugs to fungus. For example, compost soil, though high in nutrients, can also be a breeding ground for bugs and mold. It is important, if using an indoor planter, to change your soil from time to time. 


Potting – Two of the more popular indoor planters are made from terracotta and fiberglass. Terracotta indoor planters are great for providing a classic look that allows for breathability and provides temperature regulation because of its insulating properties. Terracotta does have some drawbacks, however. Because of its porous nature, it is susceptible to staining. Even though high-quality terracotta is quite durable, it can still chip and crack under stress. If these are problems that worry you, you may want to consider a fiberglass planter. Fiberglass still offers insulating properties and is more breathable than plastic or steel, but it is a bit more resilient than terracotta in addition to being lighter weight and stain-resistant. 


Whatever your indoor planter needs may be, Pottery King will ensure that you are taken care of. We are pottery experts and carry a wide variety of designs and styles to compliment your plants and your home. Call us today and bring your home to life!